GreenLgtBulbGreen Jobs Today for the future earners of tomorrow, that’s how it should be done.

That’s what I believe in and it’s the number one reason I’ve made this website.

You see there is a lot of misconception about learning online and working from home in general.

The truth is that working online is probably one of the cleanest and most environment friendly way to earn money.

Despite the obvious benefits of working from home like:

  • working your own hours
  • working where you want
  • less hours required for the same or greater pay
  • no real boss to please
  • you earn how you want to
  • more time to spend family, friends or actives you enjoy
  • the possibility of financial freedom attained from anywhere in the world

There are also other green benefits of going online only

  • All work is done online only so no to very little paper is used (Go Trees!)
  • No need to commute which equals less pollution as well as more money in your pocket
  • Less electricity used (after all it takes a lot more to power an office than your laptop or computer
  • The ability to use natural lighting
  • You can go green with electricity by installing solar panels and so on
  • No need to buy work clothes every month
  • Less deliver orders and more cooking at home!

I know all of them will not apply to everyone, but you get my point.  i bet you can add 100 more to this list. If you want just comment below or contract me and I’ll do so.

I hjope that helps you to not only go green but earn more than ever.


The Care,

The Green Job Guy

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