Automated Income App Review

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Automated Income App by Bryan Miller is a fully automatic Binary Options software that trades for you. The official site is

(UPDATE: Check out my updated results and learn how I do it)

Automated Income App by Bryan Miller

automated income appIs this is the best automated binary option trader? After testing almost 10 of them in the past 2 years or so I have to say that it might just be. There are three main factors that set automated income app by Bryan Miller apart from other similar binary options trading software.

  1. It’s on average 90% accurate
  2. Uses a well known and respected broker
  3. You don’t have to download anything

These are important to me for few  reasons and I’ll explain to you why.  The 90% accuracy is pretty self explanatory and simply means you will win 9 out of 10 trades. This will of course results in bigger profits than most other systems.

The Automated Income App works with GlobalBinary365, one of the most trustworthy binary options broker I know and they have been around for a while. Choosing the right broker is the key as I heard reports of shady brokers that don’t pay out profits.

Finally,  automated income app  is hosted on a server, meaning you don’t need to download anything.  I personally don’t like downloading random software unto my computer as I know they can be used to gather data about me. That’s why whenever possible I prefer to use a hosted app.

My Results and How I earned $258 Profit In 45 Minutes and $390.50 in 30 minutes

Here’s a screen shot of 6 trades, 5 wins and 1 loss which banked me $258 profit in 45 minutes total.  As you see I did loose one trade, but it was actually my fault and not the software. The software showed me to “call” when it was below 0.84354 and I got greedy. Anyway, I still managed to double down and win the next one.

automated income app

After having much success with using the automated income app combined with my personal method I decide to updater you guys on the latest trading session where I was able to to make $390.50 in half an hour.


I ended the trading session after that as there were no more signals from the Bryan Miller’s app and I needed to grab a bite to eat. Once I came back I did lose a trade so I’m not claiming that I win 100% of the time, but I hang around the 90% most of the time if I don’t make mistakes.

How I do it!

The key to making a lot of money with this is to “call” or “put” at the right time. That’s why I recommend having the app and Global Trader 365 open at the same time and use the app as guidance on when, how and at what rate to trade inside the globaltrader365. This way you can choose the amount to trade and have the ability to double up or even rollover.

This is my proposal method that I use together with the automated income app, as it wouldn’t work without the app. That is why I’m considering writing detailed instructions on how I use the app to it’s maximum potential. Unfortunately this will be only available to people that sign up for Bryan Millers’ app through this post. I’m doing this to ensure that my strategies don’t get posted all over the internet by random visitors.

I hope this ends the confusion about the accuracy and profitability of automated income app by Bryan Miller. Just remember to be smart and only trade the signals that the app gives you.


Conclusion of Automated Income App

These are the reasons why I believe this just might be the best binary options app out there. If you still didn’t  get into binary options or want to switch to a more trustworthy broker than this is the best chance you can get.

The bottom line is that there is a lot of money to be made in binary options, and these will be made regardless if you join or not. So the choice is yours, if you want to be a part of it Click Here to get Automated Income App


36 thoughts on “Automated Income App Review


    1. Globaltrader365 does seem to offer 100% bonus now, so you can double your money. I personally was able to make $541 with my $250 deposit in about 2 hours of trading, so I hope this answers your question.


  2. So looking at your screen shot, if you get a signal to call. You need to call just below the signal rate, and if you get a signal to put, you would need to put above the put signal!

    Can you confirm if this is correct.

    1. Correct, equal or below for “call” and equal or above the signal for “put”. It seems that many people just look at the “call” and “put” signals and don’t pay attention to the rate.

      1. Thanks for that, now I know where I was going wrong, still have a bit of cash in my account so I will hopefully turn things around. Thanks again

          1. Not sure, I didn’t use any. I prefer to have the app open in one window and the globaltrader365 in the other as sometimes a split second makes the difference.

        1. No problem. When I got started with binary options I always called or put down right before the 5 minute timer without paying attention to the rate. This of course led to a lot of losses…

  3. Why don’t you reply to my comment? It still says comment still waiting moderation while you are answering all these other comments.

      1. Are those results really from the Automated Income app, and I also heard Global Trader 365 has issues with withdrawals. Have you had this problem?

        1. John,

          Yes, the screenshot is of globaltrader365 “my investment” tab after I started using the app. I’m not aware of withdrawal issues but you should always read the terms and use where it states any restrictions and bonus policy.

  4. please can you shed more light by what you mean on “call or put” at the right signal? then whats the reasons for trading with both software and traders 365 platform at the same time?

    1. I mainly use the automated income app as an indicator when and on what rate to either call or put and trade with the 365 platform. You can do it either way I just prefer my way because it gives me more control. For example if the live signal on the app is USD/JPY at 99.998 rate and the position is to call. I make sure the rate is 99.998 or below before I call.

  5. Hi Derek,

    I am very new in the and I do not have any idead how it work. I opend my account at teh minimum was $250 rather then $200. Anyways, Can I trouble you for an email instruction on how to tell which is the right course to take my clicking call or put. Apprevciate you help on this.


    1. Jeff,

      I think the minimal amount might depend on the country you’re from. I had to deposit $250, but some people still report the minimal is $200. I haven’t written any instructions yet, but if I do I’ll send it to you.

  6. I have joined !
    My PC crashed couple hours ago – I have just restored.
    I have deposit with Global trader and posted 2 trades.

    Please send me my future log-in info please.

    Thanks ! Brian

    1. Brian,

      I’m not owner of the app and don’t have your account information. But it should be the same as your globaltrader365 account info and you should have received an email containing the details.

  7. Hi Derek, I deposited for usd250 to globaltrader365 and activated the app.
    Why I have no live signal? I would deeply appreciate your advise on this.

  8. Just want to say I have only just started using this and yes won a few small trades and lost one but I really appreciate your info re when to place a trade and what to look for. I have had some experience (albeit small) in trading eminis, but not sure of signal here but I guess you do not need them wiht the app :-) I would also appreciate any more info re your instructions if possible. Thanks for your assistance You have helped be to be more at ease.

    1. Jacqui,

      I’m glad my instructions helped you out. I’m planning on writing more detailed ones based on what I’ve discovered with the app, but first I want to test them better myself and make sure they work.

    1. For the last two weeks or so I’ve been trading around 1-2 hour per day. Other times I do something else and just have the app on for the signals.

  9. Do you execute your trade at signal notification (with price consideration you mentioned) or do you wait till your close to trading deadline? Do you have a set rule?
    Again Derek, can you send me any trade instructions you have? I am reluctant to trade without some further knowledge from successful traders.

    1. At the moment I don’t have nay further trading instructions that I’m 100% confident about (still testing). But one of the most important advice is to keep a cool head when trading. Build your balance slowly and don’t take unnecessary rinks.

      Also I don’t recommend waiting for a trading deadline as this is where I’ve made most of my mistakes in the past.lus I already mentioned a few times when I “call” or “put.” But if you want even to win even more I suggest studying the chart for the signal the app gives you. Look at the trends, make notes or even paper trade (just write down at one rate you would have called or put down) and see how you do.

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